Lord palace.

Lord palace (governor’s palace, giant’s palace…). Forming about 1862 – 1876, total area of 18.600 m2: including the main house, the annexe and gardens ... This place, 53 reign of lords – 113 years (1862 – 1975): 39 the French reign of terror – 92 years, 14 America reign of terror –12 years. This place, lord Angdua was murdered by prisoner in 1919.

In this place, they have policies, draconian solution to brutal torture prisoner. Now, we display their crimes in this palace. 53 reign of kings, some kings is very evil – people called “hell on earth”, Lord Andouard is one of them.

Republic of Vietnam, Nguyễn Văn Vệ is the Lord from 1965 to 1974, he builded a grimist prison is called “Chuồng cọp” (Tiger cage), they use many things evil as Pike, quicklime, knobstick to suppresse prisoners, the big case is “Chuồng cọp Côn Đảo” (Côn Đảo tiger cage) in 1970

The lord lived and worked in this palace. They live a luxurious life beside very tough life of prisoner. In the garden (called “Sở Rẫy Ông Lớn”), there have many prisoners have to hard labor and serve everything as living, eating, wearing to Lord. Lord palace is also the place the first revolutionary government in 1945

After Liberation Day: may 1th, 1945, Lord palace is used for displaying historical monuments of Côn Đảo, including 04 topics:

  Topic 1: Con Dao - Country - Human

Topic 2: Con Dao - Hell on earth

Topic 3: Con Dao - Revolutionary schools

Topic 4: Con Dao - Current historical and heart of Việt Nam people

Lord palace is recognized as Special, important National Monuments in April 29th, 1979. Lord palace is recognized as Special National Monuments in May 10th, 2012

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