Forest resources at Con Dao.

The total area of Con Dao National Park (mountain forests part) is 5990.7 hectares, of which area is 4897.7 hectares of forest land, land haven't forest is 622 ha and other land is 471 hectares

In the area of ​​forest land broadleaf tree forest has an area of ​​4778 hectares, the forest area of ​​109 hectares of bamboo with mangroves and 18 hectares. The islands here are covered with forest vegetation coverage rate of 92% of the natural area, starting from the edge of the sea up to the mountain. Forests and forest resources Con Dao has the following characteristics:
- Forest Ecosystems of Con Dao National Park of Tropical Forest Ecosystems Islander, with two major forest types:
+ Style moist evergreen tropical rain.
+ Sealed semi-deciduous forest type tropical rain.
- In terms of plant components:
+ Through a survey of forest plants component in Con Dao National Park 1993.1997 and 2000 the year of the Planning Institute of Forest II investigation HCMC have listed 1,077 species on the expenditure of 160 640 plant families vascular, of which 420 species of trees, 273 species of shrubs, creepers 137 species, 137 species of plants, 53 species of plants with plants and 20 species of epiphyte.
+ The plants on representing many regions of the country such as:
* Representing indigenous flora includes North Vietnam in their plants Xoan (Meliaceae) Paving typical flower species (Chukrasia tabularis) this is big trees, rare plant heading wide distribution in mixed forests in the Northern provinces of our country, but in the southern provinces is almost rare.
* Represents the plants in southeastern are large trees such as species of dipterocarp (Dipterocarpaceae), they Horoscopes (Lythraceae). Oil species including Kunshan (Dipterocarpus condorensis) this is big trees, endemic plant species of Con Dao National Park and natural distribution on Con Son Island.
* Represents plant Mekong Delta as green mangrove (Rhizophora mucronata), white sauce (Avicennia alba), Parrot though (Brughiera gymnorhiza), golden toad (Lumnitzera racemosa) ... represents the mangrove and melaleuca trees (Melaleuca cajeputi) flooded forests represent alum.
- The diversity of forest plants:
+ Diversity of genetic resources:
* Source flora gene migration: Representatives of four migrant flora flora penetrate the Malaysia - Oil and Indonesia have their (Dipterocarpaceae) with 7 species; Flora of India - Burma have them featured 3: They Horoscopes (Lythraceae) 12 species, they Bang (Combretaceae) 9 species, they gon (Bombaceae) 3 species; Flora Himalaya - Yunnan - Guizhou China have their typical 5: They Re (Lauraceae) 16 species, Rhododendron (Ecicaceae) 1 species; flora of North Vietnam - South China have their typical 6: Fabaceae (Fabaceae) 84 species, three fragments (Euphorbiaceae) 67 species, they Thi (Ebenaceae) 12 species, they Coffee (Rubiaceae) 68 species they Grass (Poaceae) 30 species, mango (Anacardiaceae) 14 species ...
* Ancient Plant Genetic Resources (Joint tropical and subtropical) comprised of representatives of some of their plants in the following characteristics: They Na (Annonaceae), they hammer (Clusiaceae), they are Central Military (Acistroladaceae) they Banana (Musaceae), pandanaceae (pandanaceae); ancient subtropical plants, with their characteristic 6: They cycad (Cycadaceae) 4 species, Re (Lauraceae) 16 species, Tea (Theaceae) 8 species, Rhododendron (Ecicaceae) 1 species ...
* Source of rare and endemic genes: These rare species: Lat Flower (Chukrasia tabularis), gloves anchor (manilkara hexandra), Quang Long (Alangium salvifolium) ... From the South to the familiar flora flora Malaysia - Indonesia featuring dipterocarp (Dipterocarpaceae).
Among the species of vascular plants have been found in Con Dao, there are 44 species scientists first found in Con Dao including 14 species of timber trees, vines 6 species, 10 species Elementary carpentry, 13 grass species, one species of plant Disability. While 11 species are named "Kunshan" species name: Bui Kunshan (Ilex condorensis), Shampoo Kunshan (Amoora poulocondorensis), Con Son Thach page (Petrocosmea condorensis), Soap based Kunshan (var harrisiana Ophiorrhiza condorensis), Kunshan gourmet shoots (Pavetta condorensis), Gets Kunshan (Psychotria condorensis), Kunshan trend (Lasianthas condorensis), Damage Kunshan player (Glossogyne condorensis), Khao Kunshan (machilus var thunbergii Sieb-et-condorensis ), Oil Kunshan (Dipterocarpus condorensis), nutmeg Kunshan (Miristica guatterifolia).
+ Variety of uses: The endangered of Con Dao National Park beyond the wood supply, wood; they also have other uses as plant medicinal capabilities with 98 species (of which there are four species, such as the Five Family bulk packaging (Schfflera), Millennium Events (Homolomena occulta), type of milk (three antlers) (Rauwolfia REFLEXA). the tree can be used as ornamental plants 90 species, including 18 species of orchids (Orchidaceae), many species have the ability to resin, tannin, as food for humans and animals including fruit , relative ease ...
- On animal ingredients: The fauna of terrestrial vertebrates in Con Dao National Park has 160 species belonging statistics 65 them, 32 feet. Of these, 29 species of mammals belonging to their 16, 10 sets; 85 bird species on their 32, 17 sets; 38 species of reptiles belonging to 13 families, 4; 8 species of amphibians have 4 families, 1 set.
Animals endemic Group Con Dao: There are 3 endemic species of animals island. These are protected species of concern especially because only here such as ebony Care (Callosciurus sp) is found not to name, but it can be said that the new species, only seen in Vietnam Soc Con Dao ebony; Black Soc Con Dao (Rafuta condorensis bicolor): Species side, only Con Dao; Con Dao geckos (Cyrtod Tylus condorensis) just found out at the island. This species is relatively common.
Group endangered animals: Animal has 11 species, 8 species of birds, 12 species of reptiles.

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