Con Dao National Park.

National Park (NP), Con Dao has an area of nearly 6,000ha of land and 14,000ha of water area. The relationship of coral reefs, seagrass beds and mangroves have created a favorable environment for spawning, nursery, and the conservation of marine species. The shallow waters of the island are also home to many animals distributed quarterly as sea turtles, dolphins, dugongs ... The biodiversity of the waters of Con Dao National meaningful nature conservation marine in Vietnam.

- As a relatively offshore islands, human activities do not change the nature of these large marine ecosystems. Coral reefs here still retain the characteristics specific to the waters. The study showed that coral cover was 42.6% average. Among reef research, up to 74.2% coral achieve high coverage, only 2.8% of low-coated kind. Reef fish density in the study averaged 400 / m2. This is a very high value compared to other coastal areas in Vietnam.

- Probably Con Dao as a bridge for the spread biological diversity from the center of the Indian Ocean - western Pacific to the coastal waters of Vietnam. High form of species of reef-building corals. Molluscs components are also considered the most diverse when compared to other things

     Regarding biodiversity, shallow waters of Con Dao including coral reefs, seagrass beds and mangroves. In particular, coral colony is quite common, can be found in most coastal areas and islands. Riem reefs typical type accounted to 59%, suggesting that reef development conditions in a long time. Sea grass but not widely distributed but concentrated on large area, approximately 200 ha. Biodiversity facilitate the development of rare species. Research on the marine environment shows no marine pollution here.

     Currently, Con Dao is the region with many sea turtles in Vietnam, with two species are magnificent hawksbill and east. There are 17 sandy beaches are recognized as breeding grounds of the turtles, including four beaches are recognized as the mother turtle to lay 1,000 annually. Con Dao is also the only place in Vietnam exists a population of dugong whose lives are inseparable from the seagrass beds.

     So far, there are no studies on the relationship between coastal resources and ecosystems shallow island. Anyway, along with the existence of coral reefs, seagrass beds, mangroves and ecological relationship between them is a favorable environment for the breeding and nursery of many resources. The study by the Institute of Oceanology of fish eggs, fry in Con Dao National Park showed a higher number of eggs a lot of time compared to other sea areas of Vietnam.

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