An Sơn Temple.

An Sơn Temple (Mrs Teample) is far away 2km Southwest form Côn Đảo town center. In 1783, Nguyễn Anh Lord was chased to kill, he ran away with his wife, son and 100 families to Côn Sơn Island (Côn Đảo island). At that place, they establish 3 villages: An Hải, An Hội, Cỏ Ống.

==> Click to watch video about ceremonial of Phi Yến death anniversary

==> Click to watch video about activities of Phi Yến death anniversary 

Desire to beat insurgent army Tây Sơn, Nguyễn Ánh Lord ask some help form French colonialist and give his son (Prince Cảnh) to them like a hostage. Hoàng Phi Yến – the second concubine said that “war with Tây Sơn is our business, we don’t need to ask some help form gentiles, if we win, it’s inglorious”. Because of this advice, The Lord think concubine is in league with army Tây Sơn so that he put her to death.

Thanks to admiral Ngọc Ngân for preventing, and Prince Cảnh is very verry young so that the Lord mure the concubine in a cave on Côn Lôn Nhỏ island (now we call “Núi Bà island”) and leave a little sticky rice cake and a small jar, these foods enough for a half month. After that, the Lord hear insurgent army Tây Sơn is coming to usurp island. The Lord run away to Phú Quốc immediately.

When pushing off, the pince don’t see his mother so he asks someone, that person said his mother had mured on the island. Then, he cries and cream, he wants his family go together or he stay with his mother. The Lord get angry with his son and put the prince into the sea. Price Cảnh is dead, his body stuck in Coral. People in Cỏ Ống village burial at jungle near Đầm Trầu beach and establish a teample.

Concubine Phi Yến is escaped from cave by people at the village. They tell her story about her son. Everybody help her to build a house next to prince tomb to incense. Her real name is Lê Thị Dằm, Prince real name is Hội An (nick name is Cải) so people compose sentence lyrics

    “Wind take cabbage tree to the sky

     Persicaria odorata stay earthly to bite the bullet”

[*Note:   "Cabbage" mean "Cải"

             "Persicaria odorata" mean "Rau Răm", when we speak word “Răm”, it’s nearly the same with word “Dằm”]

At this time, She composes a poem and Word-of-mouth up to now:

     “Đốt nén hương thề

      tạ chúa công

      Can vua nên nỗi tội thông đồng

      Ngai vàng một thuở

      ngồi chưa vững

      Bia đá ngàn năm vết vẫn còn

      Máu chảy ruột mềm

      đau phận thiếp

      Nồi da xáo thịt thoả tình ông

      Sông sầu, núi thảm hoa mờ lệ

      Đã khóc cho con

      lại khóc chồng”


When Full moon in July, 1785, lunar calendar, An Hải village has a festival, they decide to take Phi Yến to come. They let her stay in a special room. This year, she is 24 year olds, very beatyfull. Having a man, his name is Biện Thi, he is a butcher, he has a bad idea. That night, he sneaks in Phi Yến room and try copulating with her but when he touchs her arm, she startles and shout. Then, Biện Thi is tied by villager


Her love was end with Nguyễn Lords, but she kept her body clean (don’t let any men do anything).  She said that her aim had been dirty and she dicided to cut it down and buried it, but she felt mortified. That night, when people sleep, she makes away with herself by strangles. Hearing that news, Cỏ Ống villager get angry and make war with An Hải Village


Thanks to Hải Trấn, Cỏ Ống villager came down with conditions “An Hải village have to make roasted pork and submit Biên Thị to Cỏ Ống village. Phi Yến is dead in An Hải village, people at there are buried her and establish a teample.


After burial, Biện Thi is put to death. People said that is an epiphany - Mrs.Phi Yến and Hội An Prince uasually tell them about ominous and auspices are going to happen. People build a temple for Mrs.Phi Yến to worship

The French colonialist invade Côn Đảo, build prison and move everybody on the island to land. At that time, no body take care the temple, it fell. 1958, Côn Đảo became Côn Sơn province bellow American regime. Nguyễn Kim – rector of treasury read “Côn Đảo history summary”, he realizes a Việt Nam woman is dead to keep her body for husband so he extracts a sum of money form welfare fund of province, prison labor to build An Sơn temple for worshiping Mrs.Phi Yến on the same place


Now, An Sơn temple is a historic sites


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